About Sri Manavala Mamunigal mutt

          Sri Manavala Mamunigal mutt is one of the sreevsihnava mutts from Tengalai Sect and it is 600 years old. It has been started for teaching of Sriramanuja Philosophy, Preaching Vedic and visistadwaitha Siddantham in Srivaishnavism, On request of this town people, of those days

          This is the only Mutt for last Acharya Sri Manavala Mamunigal meant for all tengalai sect in India where, a Jeeyar post was created by Sri Manavala Mamuni himself, & still functioning. For many years (approx. 60 years) this was closed for the public. By the grace of ACHARYA this was reopened about 2 years back with many problems.
                        (1) Mutt land 50.43 acres was caught in the hands of tenants who have not paid the agreed lease value for many decades and also not releasing the lands position even against the court orders. They are demanding 5 times the market sale value of the land.
                        (2) Mutt is the owner of 7 shops premises. These tenants are habitual transactors under PAGADI system & encouraged by the former caretakers w/o paying anything to Mutt. And not ready to return the premises.
                        As such Mutt has no income what so ever as of to day.
                        Mutt is running only with the help of the devotees.

The Agama literature includes the Silpa- Sastra, which is basic to iconography. Worship dealt with the Agama necessarily involves images which are worship-worthy.